Self-Care During A Quarantine

Self-care means different things to different people. In non-quarantine times self-care can look like going for a run on your favorite trail to decompress, seeing a therapist regularly, booking a day of massages and spa treatments or even spending quality time with your favorite people. Self-care is all the things you do to align your body, mind and soul so you can live well.

Obviously, self-care looks a little bit different during a pandemic. You’re practicing social distancing and limiting interactions with others. You may not have access to your normal coping mechanisms when things feel tense. Try the methods below for a little self-care during a quarantine.

1. Get Outside

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to get outside and get some fresh air. Something you may have taken for granted before you hunkered down now feels downright luxurious. Take a break from screen time and reconnect with the outdoors. If you don’t have a yard to ground in or a neighborhood to take a stroll in, open a window or sit on your fire escape and breathe deeply.

2. Move Your Body

Whether you’re working from home or just trying to hold it all together at home, moving your body is so important for self-care. Not only does it just feel good after being on video conference calls or binge-watching shows all day, it can also help you get those endorphins flowing. What are endorphins? According to Sudipta Veeramachaneni, Ph.D., GNC’s VP of Global Research, Development & Innovation, endorphins are chemicals that are produced by the brain and play an important role in triggering positive feelings and helping you feel better. Get after those endorphins with a run or try one of the home workouts from Team GNC here.

3. Find A Skincare Ritual

Building a skincare routine isn’t just for women. Everyone’s hands may be feeling a little drier than normal due to increased handwashing and hand sanitizer use. Wondering what to do about dry skin? Follow up handwashing or sanitizing with a layer of hand cream, like GNC Vitamin C Moisturizing Cream. Topical use of vitamin C, like with a cream or lotion, supports skin health and protects skin against environmental exposures.

Slathering a lotion or cream on your skin can feel very soothing, but don’t forget about supporting your skin from the inside out with a collagen supplement. A skincare supplement like luster & lūm™ Collagen Peptides supports beautiful hair, skin and nails with 20g of premium collagen peptides in each 2-scoop serving. Collagen peptides is hydrolyzed collagen protein, which means it’s broken down into smaller molecules so it’s more readily absorbed by your body. An added bonus of luster & lūm Collagen Peptides is a special ingredient called Beauty Oligo™, a clinically studied prebiotic which supports belly health. You’ll definitely appreciate that if your normal diet has gone off the rails lately.

4. Manage Your Stress

We’re all taking on more than we’re used to with the shift to working from home, providing full-time childcare and schooling from home. It can be a lot to handle. Finding ways to manage stress are more crucial than ever. You may not be able to head to a spa for a massage or a steam in a sauna, but you can bring some of those vibes home.

If you’re looking for more ways to relax at the end of the day, try practicing self-care with a long soak in the bath. Sprinkle in some Trace Minerals® Magnesium Flakes, which features 90g magnesium chloride per cup. Fill your bathroom with a soothing scent with Lavender Essential Oil or Eucalyptus Essential Oil in an aromatherapy diffuser while you unwind. If you’re still looking for additional support, try Ashwagandha, a traditionally used adaptogenic herb.

For more ways to manage stress during chaotic times, watch this video.

5. Get Quality Sleep

One of the best things you can do to take care of yourself is make sure you’re getting quality sleep. We all know we shouldn’t be lying in bed aimlessly scrolling through social media before we go to sleep, so put that phone down and try something a bit more analog. Turn on a soft light and read a book or magazine. Change your sheets more frequently and snuggle into that clean-sheet feel. If you need a little extra help setting the stage for a restful night’s sleep, try a sleep supplement like GNC Herbal Plus® Natra Sleep™ an hour before bedtime.