Real Tips With Rachel Jones

Rachel Jones knows a thing or two about social distancing with children. She’s GNC’s VP of Global Brand and a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, but she’s also a busy mom with two active kids. Watch her video series, Real Tips With Rachel Jones, to see how her family is living well during this new normal.

1. Let's Talk About Schedules

See how Rachel keeps her family on track by using a schedule—and maintains a healthy little family competition.

2. Let's Talk About Eating Well

The “Quarantine 15” is a real thing, and Rachel’s family is doing their best to avoid it with the help of two macronutrients: protein and fiber.

3. Let's Talk About Supplements

See what supplements the Jones' family considers their "daily essentials." Here's one hint: the kids are big fans of gummy multivitamins!