Small Biz Spotlight: Sydney West & SEVEN Performance

As part of our Small Biz Spotlight series, we’re sharing some of the health and wellness small businesses that inspire us and inspire their communities to live well. Try Sydney West’s at-home towel workout below and then read about how her small business, SEVEN Performance, offers a different approach to physical therapy and fitness in Elkins, West Virginia.

At-Home Towel Workout

Sweat with Sydney at home using just a towel in this full-body workout. Then, try the bonus abs circuit for an extra burn.

Steve Prefontaine, the iconic 1970s long-distance runner, said, “To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.” It’s a quote that’s resonated with runners, athletes and artists for decades, and one that continues to motivate Sydney and Kyle West, owners of SEVEN Performance in Elkins, West Virginia.

Sydney grew up surrounded by sports and played soccer at West Virginia University, where she met her now-husband, Kyle, who also played soccer at WVU. Sydney received her B.S. in Psychology and Biology, but held a deep belief in fitness and nutrition. After playing team sports her entire life, she had to figure out a way to make the transition to having fitness become a lifestyle.

While she and Kyle were dating, they pitched an idea. What if they started a business that combined Kyle’s B.S. in Exercise Physiology and Doctorate in Physical Therapy with Sydney’s personal training and nutrition certifications, to create a network of holistic fitness professionals? That idea became a reality and SEVEN Performance officially launched in Sydney’s hometown of Elkins, WV in 2014.

When they first opened their doors to their community, they operated out of a small studio that offered physical therapy and group fitness classes in the same space, which made for many interesting sessions. Since then SEVEN Performance has expanded their footprint to 6000 sq. feet spread across two floors. They provide a multi-modal approach with physical therapy, personal training, nutrition consultations, fitness classes and massage therapy services.

The beauty of owning a small business in a small town is that everything is personal. They’re able to know their clients in and out and support them beyond their fitness goals.

“You can learn so much about someone from other areas of their life,” Sydney said. This can mean asking hard questions to get to know them holistically. Sydney sometimes approaches a training session by asking if a client likes their job. She reasons that if a client is unhappy in their job, they might be preoccupied and can’t focus on a workout. By knowing this, she’s able to change up her approach to accommodate them. While Sydney offers training, nutrition consulting and group fitness to everyone, she specializes in women dealing with pre- and post-natal, menopausal and hormonal issues.

Physical therapy and personal training traditionally require a hands-on approach. When Coronavirus started spreading, Sydney started prepping her clients early on for at-home workouts. She knew how important physical fitness would continue to be to her clients and made a quick push into telefitness. She still programs workouts for them for an entire week with equipment they have at home—using babies and children for squats, utilizing bodyweight workouts and loaning out TRX® bands. Each of her clients continues to receive a personalized workout because Sydney’s programming is highly specialized and client-specific, something that sets Sydney apart from general workout programs and exercise libraries.

SEVEN Performance was and continues to be a gift to the community of Elkins, WV. Sydney and Kyle keep pushing during this time to show up any way they can for their clients, because giving anything less than their best was never an option.

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