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SmartShake™ Whey2Go Funnel: DC Comics


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Smartshake™ Whey2Go Funnel DC Comics – Supergirl

Sometimes bigger isn’t better. Whey2Go is the smart way to carry your supplements around. Smart storage and funnel in one, it takes the mess out of the mix. Long story short, the innovative Smartshake design philosophy brings you the best portable supplement keychain there is. So, get smart, go small and stay on the go.

  • Easy to fill: Unscrew the bottom so you can easily fill up with your favorite supplement.
  • Leak-proof: The compartment has a leak-proof lid both on the top and the bottom.
  • Portable storage with clip: Great travel compartment for the active lifestyle, ideal for nutritional daily packs. Will store up to 2 servings.


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469699 SmartShake™